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Plush Review!  Tasty Peach Studio's Zombie Alpaca

I bought Mr. Zombie Alpaca at Colossalcon and I have to say he is one of the best Alpaca plush I own (and I own several!)  He is incredibly well constructed, shaped, with soft embroidered details and above all, he’s soooo soft!  He stands at 10” tall and doesn’t slump over like many Alpaca plush do—he remains balanced all on his own.

I’m very happy with my purchase, and I feel the price of $30 was very fair for a plush of this quality.  Looking at his cute face makes me really happy!

I had a chance to talk to the artist, Ryan Zanfei, and purchase a signed postcard.  She told me she took extra care in choosing the fabric for him because she wanted it to be as nice and possible—mission accomplished!

Any and all color issues in these photos is the result of my dining room light being very red-orange tinted, and it’s very hard to remove even with Lightroom’s white balance and color correction.  To see a better photo of him (and order!) on their website, please look here!

They have many other adorable things for sale, so please check out their facebook, website, twitter and tumblr!  They hold monthly giveaways on facebook, so it’s definitely worth it to check them out.

And don’t forget to look for them at a convention near you! :D

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